CEBC management simulations introduce students and team members to business and ethical issues that may confront executives. The exercises, which challenge teams to align business goals with ethical values, provide a jumping off point for further examination of specific issues in business management and in ethics and corporate responsibility.

Groups are organized in 5-6 person management teams. Each person receives a profile of the business, but other information is introduced in two rounds of messages that are different for each management team role. Teams are asked to make a decision by the end of the 1-hour exercise and report their decision to a public meeting (or other selected audience). CEBC’s simulations have been used with high school students; undergraduate, MBA and executive MBA classes; and with international business students.  Depending on the number of teams, simulations require at least a 2-hour block of time or may be divided across different sessions.

Heartland’s Best Inc.™ Second Edition

The Pogo Simulation™

CEBC simulations are available for purchase by businesses, non-profits, government agencies, high schools and colleges/universities. To learn more or to purchase a simulation license, please contact CEBC at (651) 962-4120 or