Ethical Leadership Development

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We welcome your interest in CEBC’s ethical leadership development products and services.

CEBC works with a full range of organizations from mid-size to Fortune 500 companies as well as private, non-profit and government agencies which are committed to building enduring ethical cultures. Each learning experience is customized to incorporate your organization’s specific objectives as well as the unique aspects of your culture and how your leaders’ best engage.

Our Approach

CEBC’s ethical leadership development offerings are highly interactive with a primary focus on application and practice in the workplace complemented with the introduction of basic ethical theory.

We use a variety of vignettes, case studies, simulations and stories to place the learner in situations and engage them in wrestling with the ethical dimensions of business decision making. As ethical dilemmas are more “gray” than “black or white” our goal is to give the learner a framework to address the ethical dilemma within the context of your organizational culture.

Our approach is rooted in collaboration with the business ethics faculty at the University of St. Thomas – one of the largest ethics faculty in the county – to gain cutting edge insights into ethical behavior in organizations and its impact on individual and organizational performance.


CEBC ethical leadership development programs are led by a core group of instructors who are recognized for their in-depth knowledge of creating enduring ethical cultures.

Dawn Elm – Interim President and CEO Center for Ethical Business Cultures and University of St. Thomas Koch Professor of Business Ethics

Ron James – Retired President & CEO, Center for Ethical Business Cultures

David Rodbourne – Vice President, Center for Ethical Business Cultures

  • CEBC’s ethical leadership development clientele include Fortune 500 companies as well as private, non-profit and government agencies which are committed to building enduring ethical cultures.

    We deliver customized workshops in a solo capacity and also partner with organizations and universities to deliver the ethical leadership component of cohort programs.

    Watch a video showing what participants in the US Bank Leadership Excellence Program have to say about their experience of collaborating with the Executive Education division at the University of St. Thomas Opus College of Business; CEBC delivered the ethical leadership component of this workshop.

  • Building and Sustaining an Ethical Culture

    Designed to engage senior level organizational leaders in understanding and developing their role in creating and sustaining ethical culture. Topics include: ethical decision making approaches in the workplace; ethical leadership; aligning personal and organizational values; managing values collision; working across ethical cultures in global settings; and, embedding ethics in the culture of your organization.

    Ethical Decision Making

    How does your organization assist leaders, managers and employees so that they choose wisely when confronted by ethical dilemmas? Ethical decision–making skills can be developed and strengthened with use. Through practice, leaders and employees can become more adept in aligning ethical decisions with your organizational values. This workshop gives participants a framework for ethical decision–making in an organizational setting and the opportunity to practice that framework in a structured environment.

    Governing an Ethical Culture

    Boards of directors are engaged to examine the function of governance in creating and sustaining an ethical culture. It looks at the board’s structure, processes, culture and principles and the role each director plays in overseeing organizations that reach for the higher standard.

    Managerial Courage: Creating a Culture of Candor

    How do you create a climate in which employees feel comfortable raising ethical issues without being viewed negatively? How do you unlock the courage that empowers constructive dissent? Based on research by University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management Professor Stuart Albert, this workshop helps participants recognize the appropriate time for sharing negative information and equips them with tools for communicating ethical dilemmas.

  • We would welcome the opportunity to work with you to address your specific organizational needs. To learn more about our ethical leadership development products and services, please contact CEBC at (651) 962-4120 or