At CEBC, our primary consulting focus is on board governance.

We believe that board of directors play an essential role in the successful outcome of the organization as the board has responsibilities to assure the development of the organization’s purpose and associated strategies to achieve its goals; assure the necessary financial and human resources; monitor for effectiveness; and ensure the development of the culture by “setting the tone at the top.”

We believe that boards have to be thoughtful about four areas in governance:

  1. Establishing principles of governance that define the board’s roles, responsibilities and practices;
  2. Building its governance structure – how the board organizes to get its work done;
  3. Establishing processes to insure its ability to efficiently and effectively carry out its work;
  4. Establishing and monitoring board culture insuring its alignment with the organization’s culture.

Why Choose CEBC?

We have worked with a number of boards on a variety of phases of governance. The following is illustrative of our clientele and the type of work we have done.

Enhancing Board Governance Practices

CEBC has worked with a non-profit with multiple subsidiaries and regional non-profit and for-profit boards of directors assisting them in evaluating their governance practices, benchmarking trends in best practices and testing for alignment with emerging regulatory themes:

The Board’s Role in Ethical Culture

Board Ethics Education

Board Relations

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