Excerpts & Images

Corporate Responsibility: The American Experience

Co-authors: Archie B. Carroll, Kenneth J. Lipartito, James E. Post and Patricia H. Werhane and Executive Editor: Kenneth E. Goodpaster
Cambridge University Press, New York
© Center for Ethical Business Cultures 2012

“… to whom, for what and how is the modern corporation responsible?”

  • Selected Excerpts

    For a sense of the tone and content of Corporate Responsibility: The American Experience please review the following copyrighted excerpts:

    Page 5 – The genius of democratic capitalism

    Pages 98-99 – In 1898, Florence Kelley organized

    Page 124 – In 1918, the labor question

    Page 318 – These landmark cases

    Page 343 – Throughout the 1990s

    Page 414 – Perhaps the most striking

  • Image Gallery Narrative

    The book’s image gallery adds richness and color to the narrative along with extensive captions that augment the history. Following are selected images and excerpts from the captions associated each image:

    Plate 7 – Abolitionist sugar bowl, purchased at the Philadelphia Anti-Slavery Fair by Josiah Quincy, c. 1836-1861

    Plate 31 – Marchers during the 1909 Shirtwaist Strike.

    Plate 37 – Henry Ford and the American automobile industry, Diego Rivera mural, Detroit Institute of Arts, 1932-1933.

    Plate 51 – “Chemical Girl” of 1940, “Better Living Through Chemistry,” DuPont Magazine, cover, June 1940.

    Plate 66 – Integrated workforce with 100,000th crankcase manufactured at International Harvester’s Melrose Park Works, Chicago, Illinois, March 1974.

    Plates 98-99 – Ice cream social hosted by Dayton Hudson Corporation, Minneapolis, Minnesota, video stills, June 1987.

    Plate 119 – Protester holds commercial US flag outside Supreme Court, April 23, 2003.