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Ethical Leadership Development

CEBC ethical leadership development is:

  • Grounded in the thought of leading business ethicists and in the challenges of business practitioners.
  • Practical.
  • Highly interactive.
  • Tailored to the needs of adult learners.

The Center’s education and training can reach from the board of directors and executive team to front–line workers.

All CEBC training can be customized to meet your company’s ethical challenges and can include your company’s mission, vision and values.

  • Governing an Ethical Culture

  • Target Audience: Board of Directors

    This seminar examines the function of governance in creating and sustaining an ethical culture. It looks at the Board’s structure, processes, culture and principles and the role each plays as directors oversee organizations that “reach for the higher standard.”

  • Enhancing an Ethical Culture

  • Target Audience: Senior Leadership Team

    This seminar is designed as an “ethics and values tune-up,” with opportunities for participants to examine their own ethical decision–making skills and the ethical environment of the company. Topics include conflicts of interest, competing ethically in a challenging international marketplace and “creative” accounting practices (i.e., legal but not necessarily ethical). Topics can be customized as needed.

  • Ethical Business Decisions Workshop

  • Target Audience: Senior Leaders, Middle Managers, Front-line Supervisors and Employees

    How does your business assist employees so that they choose wisely when confronted by ethical dilemmas? Ethical decision–making skills can be developed and strengthened with use. Through practice, leaders and employees can become more adept in aligning ethical decisions with your company’s values. This workshop gives participants a framework for ethical decision–making in a business setting and the opportunity to practice that framework in a structured environment.

  • Ethical Business Decisions Manager’s Workshop

  • Target Audience: Middle Managers and Front-line Supervisors

    This training builds on the Ethical Business Decisions Workshop and examines the skills needed for coaching and leading front-line workers as ethical decision makers.

  • Building Managerial Courage: Creating a Culture of Candor

  • Target Audience: Senior Leaders, Middle Managers and Front-line Supervisors

    How do you create a climate in which employees feel comfortable raising ethical issues without being viewed negatively? How do you unlock the courage that empowers constructive dissent? Based on research by University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management Professor Stuart Albert, this workshop helps participants recognize the appropriate time for sharing “negative” information and equips them with tools for communicating ethical dilemmas.