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Ethical Insights: Winning with Integrity

Can you win with integrity? Listen as John Tauer – head coach, Men’s Basketball and professor of Psychology at the University of St. Thomas – shares insights into what leaders and coaches can do to build commitment to high ethical standards. Additional insights from the… Continue reading

Winning with Integrity: A Conversation on Sports, Ethics and Leadership

Sports exert a powerful influence in American culture. How do sports experiences influence character, values and ethics? What can leaders and coaches do to build commitment to high ethical standards? Listen as John Tauer – University of St. Thomas, moderates a discussion on Winning with Integrity… Continue reading

Ethical Insights: Restoring Trust in the Financial System

Restoring integrity in the financial system requires rigorous emphasis on values and stewardship among leaders, attending to organizational incentives and culture, and addressing systemic conflicts and pressures across the financial services industry. While the financial markets have rebounded from the crisis, public trust in financial… Continue reading

Restoring Trust in the Financial System

This CEBC video features John Taft – CEO of RBC Wealth Management in the U.S., William Johnstone – executive chairman of D.A. Davidson, and Bethany McLean – contributing editor at Vanity Fair, sharing their insights on restoring trust in the financial system at a CEBC… Continue reading

Ethical Insights: Global Water Challenges and Minnesota Business

Water issues evoke questions about human rights, population growth and migration, culture, climate change, technical innovation, water infrastructure, economics and pricing, and public policy. As an issue, water rarely stands alone; it is truly a multi-dimensional challenge for societies, governments and businesses, frequently cutting across… Continue reading

Global Water Challenges and Minnesota Business: Values, Risks and Opportunities

CEBC’s public forum held April 29 explores the global perspective on water issues and implications for Minnesota businesses water technologies, food and agriculture. The program features global water expert Peter Gleick, Ph.D., president of the Pacific Institute, plus commentary and insights provided by Emilio Tenuta,… Continue reading

Are Benefit Corporations Truly Beneficial?

The 22nd Annual Stakeholder Dialogue held April 23, 2015 features Michael Hannigan, co-founder and president of Give Something Back Office Supplies, a California benefit corporation and a certified B Corp, discussing his firm’s philosophy and the innovative ways in which the firm has sought to… Continue reading

Ethical Insights: Who Stole My Talent? What Do Employees Really Want From Top Leaders

Organizations today recognize their top priority is attracting, growing and retaining talented leadership. But in today’s highly competitive world, that talent walks out the door everyday with no guarantee that it’s coming back tomorrow. Jack Wiley, Ph.D. – president and CEO of Jack Wiley Consulting… Continue reading

Ethical Insights: US China Business: Navigating Two Very Different Cultures

Steven Feldman – author of Trouble in the Middle: American-Chinese Business Relations, Culture, Conflict, and Ethics and professor of design and innovation at Case Western Reserve University – shares his insights on the cultural, ethical and practical challenges that American business executives confront in building… Continue reading

Ethical Insights: Making Ethics and Values Come Alive

Vince Therrien, transformation lead at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota, shares insights on how to bring values and ethics to life in an organization. Ethical Insights is hosted by Ron James, president and CEO of the Center for Ethical Business Cultures (CEBC).